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Buyer Representation

As a buyer, you should expect full representation. You want creative negotiation, local knowledge and expertise to present options.

Why Do you need Buyer Representation?

  • Unless you have a Buyer Representation Agreement in place, the agent showing you homes may be representing the seller.
  • A buyer's agent has agency duties to the buyer, the most important being confidentiality and loyalty. Expert Advice... A buyer's agent is free to advise buyer on pros and cons of purchasing any given home.
  • A buyer's agent can educate the buyer on various issues including, property value trends, energy costs and home inspections.
  • Help with Negotiating... As a buyer's agent I can use my negotiating skills and intimate knowledge of the real estate market to help you get the property on the best possible terms.

    As your Buyer Representative, I Will:

  • Find and show you properties that meet your specifications.
  • Complete a competitive market analysis to judge fair market value.
  • Negotiate in your best interest with scrupulous loyalty and confidentiality.
  • Give expert advice on offers, counteroffers, contingencies, financing and more.
  • Counsel and advise, not sell.
    Buyer Representation is at no cost to you, the fee is paid by the seller. Regardless of who pays the commission, as a Buyer's Agent,
    my loyalty is to the buyer.

    7 Reasons to Buy a Home:

    1. Tax Deductibility of Mortgage Interest
    2. Tax Deductibility of Property Taxes
    3. Appreciation Potential
    4. Deferred Gain and Capital Gain Treatment
    5. Once in a Lifetime Exclusion
    6. Principal Accumulation
    7. You can Enjoy it - PRIDE
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