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Why List with Jay

Attracting buyers to your home is my number one priority, following is my proven system.

  1. Signage I place a red and white Benchmark sign with flyer box on the property, and post directional arrows, (if allowed) guiding buyers to drive by the property.
  2. MLS I enroll the property in the computerized Multiple Listing Service of Middle Tennessee. This exposes the property to over 7,000 sales agents and many, many more buyers.
  3. Staff Knowledge Our staff is trained to take advantage of each call by cross selling your listing to the caller. This increases your exposure to qualified buyers.
  4. Lockbox Access A sentralock lockbox is placed on the door for easy access. This will increase showings.
  5. Internet Jay Flatt and Benchmark both have a presence on the Internet.
  6. Past Clients My huge client base of satisfied past customers makes for a rich source of buyers and referral buyers. I constantly stay in touch with my client base to insure this flow of business.
  7. Other Realors Through the power of the Multiple Listing Service, you are putting your home in the hands of all other Realtors. Because most buyers work with Realtors to find a home, you're able to tap into virtually ALL qualified home buyers.
  8. Commission I never discount the payout to other Realtors. So they want to show my listings first.
    Ask yourself if your home should be FIRST on the Realtors list of homes to show or LAST.
  9. Out of Town Buyers Far more than other Realtors, my connections reach city, state, and nationwide. Out of town Realtors who have buyer clients moving to Middle Tennessee refer their clients to me. I am a member of the following networks: National Association of Realtors; and the Tennessee Association of Realtors, and the Williamson County Association of Realtors.
  10. Feedback Our support staff follows up on "interested" showings and gets feedback from the agents they are working with as to what it would take "bottom line" for the buyer to purchase your home.
  11. Weekly Contact I call you at least once per week to discuss feedback comments and market activity -- or sooner, if warranted.
  12. Experienced Negotiation Skill I represent and negotiate for you on all contracts presented, making sure all details are covered and your interests protected. This is where my years of experience can really put more money in your pocket.
  13. Staff Support We handle all the follow up and paperwork after you accept a purchase agreement. Our staff will make certain all aspects of the sale are handled smoothly and efficiently.

One of the greatest benefits of having me as your Realtor is the respect and trust I have earned among the Middle Tennessee community and other Realtors.

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